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Hard work sometimes brings recognition (sometimes not). This is one of these times that we are happy to announce that Claire Mula -Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Sprooki- has been selected as one of the “Coolest 100 people in the Australian Tech” (full article). According to Business Insider, the Autralia’s Tech 1oo is a comprehensive list of the coolest people in Australian tech. It highlights achievements in the sector over the past 12 months.

Thanks to the hard work of Claire Mula and Michael Gethen during the last 5 years, Sprooki is proud to be named as a “mature start-up”, which for Sprooki means 2 very good things: 1. Sprooki keeps the start-up’s spirit and 2. We have already gained some maturity in our sector. It’s been 5 years of developments, AB tests, many successes and some failures… but with one single aim: Keep learning and improving our software to provide the best technology to our customers.

SprookiMichael and Claire have built a team with talented people from 6 different nationalities, all of them experts in their fields, and I must say (I know I’m not objective), very nice people. This takes more than launching a start-up. Entrepreneurship is a buzz word, but it requires much more than a good idea. From Claire and Michael experience, it requires consistency, patience, flexibility to adapt your plans, toughness to compete in the market with bigger players and the most important, have a clear focus on achieving the excellence in the solutions we provide to our customers. The best proof of our technology’s quality are our customers. Sprooki has rolled out across South East Asia in 70 major shopping malls and more than 3500 retailers.

If you allow me the lack of modesty, it’s not by chance that Claire and Sprooki have attracted the attention of Business Insider. In only 5 years Sprooki is operating in 5 markets (Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and Philippines), with plans to operate soon in other key countries in the region. Some of the biggest Shopping Mall groups and retailers have trusted Sprooki to be their platform to engage their shoppers through location-marketing technologies and advanced analytics.

In the Tech industry companies need to continually evolve, technologically and strategically. Having this in mind, Sprooki has launched recently a new module, Predictive Analytics and Recommendations. This module allows to retailers and e-commerce websites to post automatically highly targeted retail content to their shoppers based on their contextual behavior, so they are most likely to respond and buy. The company also have launched at Sydney’s Manly Wharf precinct in its first Australian use.

Based on all these facts, you will agree that Claire had to be among the coolest 100 people in the Australian Tech. Because over time things have not changed that much, and at the end of the day Hard work usually bring good things.

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