Building Customer Loyalty in Our Mobile Connected World: Manila 2016

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Achieving personalisation at scale was the leading topic at the Philippine Retail Association’s Quarterly General Members’ Meeting. At the event held at Manila Marriot on 16 March, key retail business owners discussed strategies to maximise economic opportunities amidst changing customer behaviour and purchase patterns.

Three concerns led the discussions: how to identify sale opportunities, how to profile and target customers, and how to scale customer loyalty. The vibrant Philippine retail sector is backed by a pervasive shopping culture and highly mobile shoppers, making the typical buying path much more complex than it has ever been before. Mark Tey, Sprooki’s Business Development Director, shared research studies on changing consumer patterns and the inevitable rise of mobile commerce as a crucial revenue source for future-oriented retailers.


Sprooki’s Mark Tey during his presentation.

The Philippine Retail Association connects such retail leaders, with the 400-member strong network including retailers, mall operators, suppliers, distributors, and solution providers. Some of the esteemed members attending this prestigious meet-up included Primer Group, Cinderella Marketing Corp, and Lucky Circle, all boasting of extensive outlets in Metro Manila and provincial areas. Topics covered in networking sessions included the rise of Millenials as vested consumers with purchase power, the Philippines’ unique position as a geographically distributed populace, and the need to actively pursue and retain customer loyalty even as the business grows.

Mark with PRA plaque

To conclude his presentation, Mark highlighted global trends of omni-channel purchasing and increasing options for informed consumers. He shared crucial signposts for strategic retailers to actively build customer loyalty in our mobile-connected world by connecting with shoppers when and where they shop with the exact offers that appeal to them.

Sprooki offers enterprise customer engagement ecosystems that give timely and relevant promotions to customers, targeted through precise and comprehensive backend analytics.

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