Sprooki Launches First White-Label Location-based Retail System for Malls and Retailers. Delivers Local Offers and Mobile Payments to Shoppers in Asia

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Singapore, November 29, 2012. Today Sprooki Pte Ltd. announces the launch of its white-label location-based retail system. The system powers Tring 313, a location-based offers application from Singapore’s iconic mall, 313@somerset.

Building on successful trials and market experience with Sprooki’s own-branded application, 313@somerset today released its own customised mobile application tapping on Sprooki’s proprietary location-based marketing and mobile commerce platform.

Specifically designed to enable malls and major retail groups to get to market quickly and cost-effectively with the latest in location-targeted communication, campaign management, mobile commerce, profiling and reporting tools, Sprooki’s platform helps malls to engage mobile shoppers when they are most likely to respond – where and when they shop.

“As retailers struggle to survive in a digital world, where shoppers armed with internet-enabled devices are researching and comparing prices, sharing offers and pre-purchasing, Sprooki’s platform is a fast-track for leading malls and retailers who are embarking on a mobile or multi-channel strategy,” said Claire Mula, co-founder and Managing Director at Sprooki.

With the launch of Tring 313 tapping onto Sprooki’s platform, 313@somerset has leaped competitors in Singapore’s pedestrian-dense shopping district. Tring 313 alerts shoppers when they are within walking distance of the mall, to offers and promotions from over 170+ retailers inside 313 such as HMV, Forever21, Guess, Food Republic, Make Up Store, Maggie Moo’s, Malones Restaurant & Bar, Shunji Matsuo and more. Shoppers can download coupons and walk in-store to pay and redeem or pre-pay directly through the Tring 313 application on their mobile devices.

How Sprooki works:

A South-East Asia first, Sprooki’s white-label location-based retail system is a customisable platform with consumer-facing applications and web-based campaign management, scheduling and reporting tools. Malls and retail groups are able to schedule promotions, offers and events to appear in their own applications or as location-targeted messages “on the fly”. They are also able to manage and track coupons downloaded, purchased and redeemed by their customers. Irrespective of whether the mobile application is open or closed, shoppers will receive relevant, targeted alerts of special promotions and offers when they are in direct proximity of the mall.

Shoppers download their favourite mall or retailer’s branded application on their mobile device, they are then alerted to relevant promotions and events based on their location, profile, brand preferences and time of day. When 313@somerset trialled the platform they found that 85% of shoppers purchased and redeemed within 500 meters of the iconic Orchard Road mall and 15% of transactions took place when the mall and stores were closed for the day.

More than sexy technology
Sprooki was first launched by co-founders Claire Mula and Michael Gethen based on changes to retail driven by growth in internet-enabled devices. The Singapore-based team, which recently received funding through Singapore’s National Research Foundation and incubator Get2Volume, is a unique blend of deep experience in consumer marketing and development of large-scale enterprise mobility and digital solutions. This translates into not only a reliable mobile marketing and commerce platform and ongoing technical monitoring, but also an end-to-end, customisable solution including customised design, implementation support and consumer insights.

“We are only getting started. Our clients, like Lend Lease’s 313@somerset, will continue to benefit from upstream platform development including staying current with the latest mobile technology as well as trends in the mobile user experience,” commented Claire Mula. “This way, even malls and retailers who are without in-house development teams or mobile specialists can continue to win more customers through mobile retailing.”

About Sprooki
Sprooki provides Asia’s largest malls and leading retailers with a white-label location-based retail system they can use on a daily basis to win more customers. Sprooki provides a real-time, end-to-end platform and customisable consumer interfaces enabling the retail sector to quickly and more cost-effectively access the latest in location-aware technology, mobile commerce, shopper analytics and sophisticated campaign management tools. Founded on the belief that internet-enabled devices have changed retailing by empowering a new generation of smarter, more savvy shoppers, Sprooki’s system provides “always on” real-time alerts about nearby events and promotions, which they can buy instantly and redeem securely in-store.

In case of enquiries, please contact Paola Barcacel de Toepfer at +65 9776 7046.

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