Sprooki lands in Indonesia with Supermal Karawaci

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Supermal Karawaci
We keep spreading our technology through Asia Pacific. This time we have landed in Indonesia with Supermal Karawaci, making this shopping mall one of the most innovative shopping malls of the country. To start, Supermal Karawaci offers the first Interactive Mobile Application for Malls in Indonesia.

What makes Supermal Karawaci different from the rest of Malls in Indonesia?
Sprooki allows Supermal Karawaci precinct’s retailers to offer personalised content thanks to location and contextual data technology.From today, all shoppers can enjoy a unique experience shopping at the 125,000sqm Supermal Karawaci retail precinct in western Jakarta.

Sprooki will be integrated with Supermal Karawaci’s touchpoints and mobile apps, allowing the precinct’s retailers to offer individualised content such as vouchers, special offers, event alerts and store information to customers using location and contextual data.

The system will also allow social sign-in and content sharing on platforms including Facebook, which has more than 60 million users in Indonesia with the highest rate of mobile engagement worldwide.

Supermal Karawaci AppSupermal Karawaci is the largest shopping centre in banten Province & west of Jakarta. It holds more than 1000 retail stores and outlets, three cinemas and the largest Timezone arcade in Southeast Asia – complete with an indoor rollercoaster. The mobile app will be available in both English and Bahasa languages.

Sprooki Co-Founder Michael Gethen said the deployment would help Supermal Karawaci’s retail tenants improve sales and give the mall unprecedented insight into shopper habits and behaviour. “With more than 1000 stores and outlets, Sprooki is delighted to enable Supermal Karawaci with the most advanced technology for engaging with customers and understanding their behaviour. Our mobile platform will give the precinct’s retail tenants an effective way to drive frequency of visits and increase sales conversions,” Mr Gethen said.

Supermal Karawaci Marketing and Leasing General Manager Pipih Tjandra said the Sprooki platform would help keep the shopping hub at the cutting edge of technology, which customers had come to expect. “Supermal Karawaci works every day to be in tune with what today’s consumers want and expect through innovative marketing strategies. By implementing the Sprooki platform, our mall will be one of the first shopping precincts in Indonesia to incorporate a data-driven mobile platform to improve shopper experience, helping our tenants to increase in-store traffic and sales,” Mrs Tjandra said.

We hope to keep growing in such an interesting market as the Indonesian, where internet, digital features and new technologies have an impressive penetration. As evidence, the eMarketer article states that Facebook users in Indonesia have highest mobile usage rate worldwide. Read the full article HERE

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