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Sprooki has been featured in the Location Based Marketing Association weekly video update.

The review focuses on our recent partnership agreement with YFind announced in January 2013.

You can view the video here.

This edition of the LBM Association’s weekly updates also features insights on what companies such as Urban Airship, Connect TV, and Life360.

The Location Based Marketing Association is a group dedicated to the fostering of a community of interest around all avenues of advertising and marketing, relating to location-specific opportunities.  Their goal is to educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and promote services of member companies to brands and content-related providers.

How Sprooki works

A South-East Asia first, Sprooki’s white-label location-based retail system is a customisable platform with consumer-facing applications and web-based campaign management, scheduling and reporting tools. Malls and retail groups are able to schedule promotions, offers and events to appear in their own applications or as location-targeted messages “on the fly”. They are also able to manage and track coupons downloaded, purchased and redeemed by their customers. Irrespective of whether the mobile application is open or closed, shoppers will receive relevant, targeted alerts of special promotions and offers when they are in direct proximity of the mall.

Shoppers download their favorite mall or retailer’s branded application on their mobile device, they are then alerted to relevant promotions and events based on their location, profile, brand preferences and time of day, irrespective of whether the mobile application is open or closed. Shoppers can download coupons and walk in-store to pay and redeem or pre-pay directly through the retailer’s application on their mobile devices.

Sprooki’s local marketing system, developed in Singapore but available to retail clients across Asia-Pacific, helps malls and retail groups to engage mobile shoppers when they are most likely to respond – where and when they shop.

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