Personalised engagement with Beacon technology

Engage your customers with Invigor “mobile-first” loyalty program, the latest in mobile engagement and beacon-based messaging for shoppers

Beacon-based Indoor Positioning is one of the latest and most effective technologies for retailers to enable customers to receive hyper-targeted messages, deals and other content based on their proximity inside and nearby the commercial area.

Based on your customers profile, Invigor Loyalty platform triggers relevant, accurate indoor messaging and deals to enhance their shopping experience, increasing traffic, purchase intent and spend.

increase traffic, engagement and spend

Invigor’s comprehensive Loyalty platform is the perfect tool to better engage connected shoppers through localised, personalised and efficient campaigns triggered at the right time in the right location.

Our Loyalty Platform makes a step forward in promotional, sales and marketing strategies providing analytics tools and beacon-based messaging to measure the success in driving customer footfall, store visit frequency, loyalty and sales conversion.

CRM Platform management

Through Invigor CRM Platform Management our clients have convenient and real time understanding of their customers and how they react to promotions pushed via beacons.

1. Plug&Play: Have the ability to manage notifications in a simple and seamless way, adding visuals, dates and messages.

2. Identify your brand advocates and reward them accordingly.

3. Manage customers query directly when facing any issues claiming promotions, points, etc.

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