Why retailers need to adopt Artificial Intelligence to survive

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Thinking about the industries where artificial intelligence has played a relevant role in the last years, we tend to think about finance, manufacturing and transport. Another area that artificial intelligence has impacted significantly too is customer service, with the leading online retailers implementing automated tools to make their customer support faster and more efficient.

However, physical retailers (bricks and mortars) haven’t really considered the artificial intelligence as a powerful tool for their business. The classic perception of digital innovation is seen as tools focused on e-commerce that don’t really apply for physical retailers. As a result of this, many bricks and mortars retailers are not adopting this technology fast enough, which makes them lose the race in gaining new customers. Benefits of the artificial intelligence and retail technology are real. Some examples are the multiple tools that provide data automation, customer knowledge, real-time capability to react against competitors, and these are just few examples of it.

Michael Stone, Director of Products at Invigor, analyses the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) brings to retailers in today’s market in the article published by Flarrio.com, a leading website in Asutralia about the emerging tech in the market.  Read full article here.

Why Aussie retailers need to care more about AI if they plan on surviving

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