Maximise your competitiveness, increase profit margins and productivity by monitoring your competitors and channels in real-time.


SpotLite is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use price tracking solution in the market and provides the insights you need to maximise business results and grow your revenue.

It was designed for all business sizes & industries so you can turn competitive pricing into opportunities by understanding how you’re positioned in the market. Notification alerts and reports will keep you informed of any changes to prices you are tracking so you can take immediate action and increase profitability.

SpotLite features include:

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    Real-time Price Alerts

    Timely price change notifications, always keeping you on top of the game.

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    Email Reports and Digest

    You can create personalised reports and send them directly to your inbox at specific times and dates or simply receive a daily or weekly price change summary.

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    Positioning View

    Powerful and easy way to quickly get details about competitive price positioning across all your categories and products. You can even check how your competitors are positioned in the market by selecting them as the Reference Site.

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    Historic Promotion Tracking

    If the price drop is associated with a specific promotion, SpotLite can track exactly what it is for each of the categories and products you're tracking.

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    Variant Price Monitoring

    Track variant pricing based on the specific models of the products you need to closely monitor.

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    Bulk Import

    Fast set up and update of data to start tracking your competitors and channels through bulk import of data.

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    Dynamic Dashboard

    Customisable with only a few clicks, dashboard and charts help you visualise past and current price trends.

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