The shopping browser extension that empowers customers with all the information, tools and incentives to make the most informed and trusted purchasing decisions.

Shopping Ninja is Australia’s first independent price comparison browser extension which provides consumers with real time price comparisons for products across the consumer electronics, white goods and alcoholic beverage categories from major Australian retailers. We cover over 100,000 products from all the major retailers and brands across TVs, cameras, computers, fridges and freezers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, mobile phones and tablets as well as wine, beer, spirits, whisky and champagne.

The team of ninjas sneak around the web for the best deals and surprise you when you least expect it. Shopping Ninja is a price comparison tool which empowers consumers with the knowledge that better prices and deals are available, broken down by retailer for the products they are searching without the user having to leave the website they are on. It also gives consumers the choice to stay on the same website OR to go to the retailer’s website that offers the better price and deal.

Shopping Ninja’s benefits include:

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    Best value as it is totally independent and retailer agnostic

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    Most up to date prices updated several times a day

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    No need to depart usual browsing experience or to do your own manual comparison shopping

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    Small icon on top right of browser shows the Shopping Ninja is working but it only Alerts on sites where a price/value comparison has been made

Start making the most of real-time online price comparison by downloading the browser extension.