Manage and distribute digital content across multiple channels.

The internet has changed media consumption fundamentally. Traditional boundaries between print and broadcast are becoming increasingly blurred, new vendors are positioning themselves with innovative online business models.

Condat support content providers in delivering their content in the best possible way – linear and on demand, on Smart TVs, PCs and smartphones. With portals, video on demand solutions and apps our customers create cutting edge media experiences that increase brand loyalty.

Operators of media infrastructures benefit from our solutions for field service management and mobile order processing. With ever increasing demands regarding reliability and available bandwidth network operators play a key role in the new, networked media world. Only operators with optimized service processes can meet customer expectations and ensure future growth.

Condat solutions include:

  • Connector.

    Smart Media Engine

  • Connector.

    Skyware Service Control

  • Connector.

    Skyware Connected Knowledge

  • Connector.

    Skyware Rescue

  • Connector.

    Therapy Apps

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