How Price Tracking Can Help You Stay Competitive in the Amazon Era

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Price Tracking with SpotLite

The arrival of customer-centric Amazon in Australia has generated different opinions regarding the future of local retailers.

Some believe that Amazon will bring a new depth of competitive intensity that will make it difficult for many retailers to survive whereas others believe that it’s a great opportunity for retailers to change their old ways and adapt to this new era, shifting focus to better serve their customers while staying competitive in the market.

According to Roger Pugh from The Big Smoke Australia:

Experts believe that proaction doesn’t necessarily mean absolute price and service competitiveness with Amazon but rather developing an effective total marketing package and a flexibility geared to fast decision-making.” 

Timely decisions based on accurate pricing data is crucial and SpotLite is the online price tracking solution designed to help retailers and brands maintain competitiveness in a dynamic pricing environment.

The Big Smoke went into more detail regarding how you can stay ahead of the competition with SpotLite’s pricing intelligence. Read more here.