Sprooki Launches First White-Label Location-based Retail System for Malls and Retailers. Delivers Local Offers and Mobile Payments to Shoppers in Asia

Shoppers to connect to contextual content and promotions in real-time

Singapore, 15 August 2014 – 313@somerset has its eyes set on Beacon-based Indoor Positioning; the latest in retail innovation that enable  shoppers to receive hyper-targeted messages, deals and other content based on their proximity inside the mall.

As a forerunner in the adoption of new and emerging technologies, 313@somerset is set to pave the way again by being the first commercial outlet in Singapore to test out the potential of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Beacons for retailers, including messaging targeted at specific mall and store locations, analytics and potentially payments.

In partnership with Asia’s leading location-based shopping platform Sprooki, the mall conducted test trials on 11th and 12th August in the form of short experiential tours around the mall and exclusive test groups were invited to take part in the trials. They were designed to give shoppers an immersive firsthand experience of the BLE features, with a focus on relevant, accurate indoor messaging and deals. The project also helped 313@somerset understand the viability and experience of BLE Beacons, a technology compatible with an estimated 49% of Singapore smartphone users today.

Selected 313@somerset retailers across fashion, lifestyle and F&B categories participated in the tests with Beacons being installed at specific points across different floors and positions within the mall. The mall’s existing mobile app (powered by Sprooki’s platform), Tring 313, was also upgraded to be compliant with BLE Beacon technology, including Apple’s iBeacon, to deliver a more authentic taste of what this indoor positioning technology what the app can potentially do for both shoppers and retailers.

Tring 313:

Developed in partnership with Sprooki, Tring 313 is a location-based mobile app that consolidates offers and deals exclusive to 313@somerset. When within the vicinity of the mall, the app alerts shoppers with “push notifications” that offer news, deals, and promotions in the form of “coupons”. It was the first retail mobile app in Singapore then to be equipped with location-based technology and mCommerce capabilities, and has since won two (2) Mobile Excellence (Mob-Ex) Awards in 2013 for Best Location-based Marketing and Best mCommerce Platform.

Insights on 313@somerset’s shopper profile were the key catalyst for Tring 313’s inception. They are a group open to and adept at using new tools to enhance their retail journey, a group that leads the pack in the adoption of innovations across both hardware and software. They are constantly on the lookout for good deals, and are likely to browse app offerings on-the-go.

The decision to take an industry lead with Beacon-based Indoor Positioning comes as a natural progression for 313@somerset and a natural fit for its hyper-connected shoppers.

“Proximity matters to multi-channel retailers. However, precise location detection and hyper-targeted messaging has been a challenge indoors,” says Claire Mula, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Sprooki. “BLE Beacons changes the game for multi-channel retailers, bringing the best of location targeting and web-like analytics to both retailers and shoppers, providing those who want it, with a more relevant and information-rich shopping experience.”

Beacon-based Indoor Positioning – How it works

The technology offers immense potential for 313@somerset’s retailers, as well as increasingly technologically savvy and connected shoppers. It uses battery-operated Beacon devices, the size of a thumb-drive, to emit low-energy Bluetooth signals with an identifier for that particular Beacon. These signals communicate directly with BLE Bluetooth compatible devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. Beacons themselves do not track devices; they emit a signal to the device to do something. An app is required for a mobile device to ‘see’ a Beacon. When placed throughout the mall or store, BLE Beacons are detected by shoppers’ mobile devices, provided their Bluetooth and Location Services preferences are turned on. Shoppers, who have the Tring 313 app (beta version) and opted in, may subsequently receive alert notifications within one to five meters from the nearest Beacon. A much tighter range compared to the current Tring 313 app which utilizes a mix of GPS, cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi access points to alert shoppers within a 50m to 400m radius outside the mall.

Potential Benefits of Indoor Positioning to 313@somerset Shoppers:

Beacon-based Indoor Positioning promises more relevant and personalised messaging delivered at convenient times.

313@somerset offers shoppers a wide range of deals and promotions through their current mobile app Tring 313. These offers span across three key retail categories – fashion, food and lifestyle. When coupled with Beacon-positioning, deals and promotions will be filtered and relevant messages will reach desired shopper audience as they pass by participating stores, allowing them to conveniently pick up deals along their intended route; or when they are in the store itself, to deliver a more engaging experience with real time offers and deals. Shoppers will be able to enjoy instant gratification and greater relevancy in messaging and deals. These are the qualities our information-rich, time-scarce, and experience-hungry generation will greatly appreciate.

“The idea of conducting this Indoor Positioning closed beta group testing with Tring 313 came with the acknowledgement of Singapore’s increasingly technology-savvy society and highly digital landscape, where smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices serve as platforms for access to news, social feeds, information etc. In the near future, we want to be able to direct our shoppers to hyper-targeted messages when they shop at 313@somerset, and also custom offers that better complement their purchases. Beacon-based Indoor Positioning has demonstrated potential in delivering just that”, says Cheryl Goh, General Manager of 313@somerset.

Potential Benefits of Indoor Positioning to 313@somerset Retailers:

Pin-pointing shoppers’ locations inside stores and malls enables more accurate, relevant and timely messaging for those who wish to receive it i.e. opt-in. The technology may also grant retailers invaluable traffic analytics and insights such as shopper footpath, dwell time, frequency of visit, repeat vs new users, and in-mall density (provided shoppers opt-in). Access to dynamic and accurate information paired with personalized, opt-in messages, deployed at the right time allows for service and product customization, ultimately translating into greater response (e.g. store walk-ins and sales conversions). Over time, better insights can lead to more enduring brand loyalty. Indoor Positioning may prove to aid retailers in areas such as the physical store experience and visits, brand association and sales conversions.

Cheryl Goh, General Manager of 313@somerset adds, “The line between in-store and online will continue to blur with the growing demands for a seamless shopping experience across platforms. Closed beta group testing is in place as we speak, to gauge how intuitive the new Tring 313 experience is, and how shoppers engage with the new Indoor Positioning technology. This landmarks another initiative by 313@somerset to stay at the forefront of retail technologies, serving up unique and memorable shopper experiences, with innovation as one of the primary driving forces behind our digital pursuits.”

About 313@somerset


313@somerset – The first major retail development by Lend Lease in Asia was opened on 3 December 2009. Offering the very best of mid-market fashion, food and lifestyle, the centre has been drawing in the crowds since its launch and this is set to continue with key fashion retailers including Zara, Mango, Forever 21, New Look, Cotton On, and Uniqlo. The centre features 8 levels of retail, with food precincts comprising the largest Food Republic on Orchard Road; Discovery Walk outdoor dining precinct with crowd pullers Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant, Marché® Restaurant & Natural Bakery, JiBiru Japanese Craft Beer Bar and Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar, and the Basement 3 Food Hall. Lifestyle anchor retailers are represented by Royal Sporting House and Muji. 313@somerset is conveniently located above the Somerset MRT and records average monthly customer traffic of three million people.

313@somerset is the first retail mall to be recertified under the Singapore BCA Green Mark Platinum Award under the Existing Building v3 criteria scheme, which incorporates best practices in environmental design and performance.

About Sprooki

Sprooki provides Asia’s largest malls and leading retailers with a location-based retail system they can use on a daily basis to win more consumers where and when they choose to shop. The solution is a head-start for multi-channel retailers and malls and comprises Sprooki’s cloud-hosted platform, back-end administration and analytics, software development tools and apps for mobile devices. In addition, Sprooki provides implementation services to help retail sector clients get to market quickly, cost effectively with even greater success. Founded on the belief that connected devices has been the biggest change to retailing in many years, responsible for a new generation of smarter, connected shoppers, Sprooki’s system provides a number of customizable modules for malls and retail enterprises including Campaign Rewards, Mobile Shop, Indoor Messaging and Analytics.

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