Parkway Parade Launches Location-Based Shopping from Sprooki

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Parkway Parade, Singapore’s first major suburban mall, has partnered with Sprooki, Asia’s leading location-based retail system, to launch their new location-based shopping service.

Parkway Parade has understood and catered to the needs of Singaporean families for the past 20 years and with this new strategy are responding to the recent shift in consumer shopping behavior, by embracing new technology to more effectively engage connected shoppers.

Leveraging Sprooki’s system and shopper’s connected mobile devices, Parkway Parade has launched two new location-smart mobile applications with a host of features including mall and store discovery tools, targeted messaging, limited time offers, vouchers and event and calendaring features. Both applications are available on iTunes and Google Play.

Parkway Parade and Sprooki worked in partnership with a selection of initial retailers to provide a single engagement platform that is accessible to both multi-outlet brands and single-store retailers. Well-established Parkway Parade retail brands involved are Elitrend, Four Seasons Organic Market, MPH Bookstores, Andersen’s of Denmark, Arizma, Jean Yip Hub @Parkway, Pu Tien, Sun Paradise, Faye Beauty, Kiehls and 3Mobile.

“Online and mobile commerce has disrupted the traditional ‘path to purchase’ for many retailers around the world” said Claire Mula, Sprooki’s Executive Director. “Engaging shoppers via mobile and building a defensible strategy is now pivotal for all malls and retail brands in order to future-proof their businesses.”

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