Next Tech Stock Puts the Spotlight on Invigor Group’s Latest Successes

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Invigor Successes

Invigor has been focused on helping businesses turn insights into revenue for years. Nothing new there. But now, more than ever, retailers need to use data and insights to really understand who they shoppers are, engage with them effectively and drive long-term loyalty if they want to succeed in such data-driven Amazon times.

What it is that we do?

Next Tech Stock says about us:

“IVO’s reason for existing is quite simple: IVO’s data solutions enable companies to easily and efficiently turn data into insights, and insights into revenue, via the strategic collation, analysis and action based on customer data.”

Game Changing Acquisition

Our recent acquisition of Sprooki has not only enhanced the product offering, but has proven to deliver stronger revenue opportunities and customers contracts internationally such as Lendlease, Sharp, GNC Live Well, Pernod Ricard, Manly Wharf and more.

Stepping In & Going Beyond

It’s been a very busy past 12 months at Invigor, filled contract wins from major shopping centres, retailers and brands who have been making the most of our Insights 360 and Loyalty solutions. The ability to combine our modules into a perfect solution for each business allows customers to really focus on what they need to address now but also laying the ground for long-term growth and shaping future customer strategy.

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