Myths About Mobile Internet Users in Singapore

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Sprooki’s co-founder, Claire Mula was invited by AsiaMalls, one of Singapore’s largest mall groups, to present to over 200 senior retail management at their Annual Tenant Breakfast. The topic covered Innovation in Digital Channels: Driving shoppers in-store and sales anywhere.

As part of the presentation, Claire debunked several myths regarding Mobile Internet Users commonly held by retailers and advertisers regarding Mobile Internet Users supported by findings from a recent report produced by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and, a mobile ad network, on Mobile Internet Users in Singapore. You can download a copy of the report here.


Myth 1 Mobile internet users are young and “tech-savvy”

According to the report, 30% are over 35 years old in Singpore – the highest of any Sout-East Asian market.

Myth 2 Mobile internet users are not affluent

65% are either full-time employed or self-employed. 35% are well educated at a tertiary level or higher.

Myth 3 Mobile purchases are virtual goods, not real goods

40% of mobile internet users are looking to find a good deal online, learn about a brand and 25% own a credit card. This compares to 47% who download mobile content.

Myth 4 Mobile internet users do all their shopping online

61% of Mobile Internet users in Signapore visited a mall, 48% experiences a movie and 43% ate in a restaurant.

What kind of gadgets do you own?

mobile phone – 0%
tablet – 50%
ultrabook – 50%

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