Invigor’s Experts Talk Trends & Insights in Australian Retail & Intelligent Mobile Events

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At Invigor Group, we’re focused on business outcomes with a strategic view of investments in technology and data.

We live & breathe innovation.

You’ll often find our team of experts speaking at events world-wide, whether it’s retail industry events, partner conferences or innovation panels, touching on trends, the future of insights and actionable data, and how retailers and brands can leverage the combination of data sets and technology to beat not only their competition, but the new challenges presented by the retail giants such as Amazon and Alibaba.

Last week Claire Mula (one of the few enterpreneur women in tech in Australia) was invited for an Innovators Panel on “People and institutional permafrost holding back Australian entrepreneurship” during the CeBIT2017 event in Sydney.

Invigor Group Panel - Data Analytics

Image: Claire Mula, far right hand side.

Along with executives from Bondi Ventures and Zendesk, the discussion was around what it takes to create an environment that attracts and nurtures start-up founders as well as retaining talent in this fast-paced dynamic start-up world, especially with the challenges faced by tech companies to fill specific roles. The recent changes to the 457 visa requirements in Australia have made it more difficult to attract talent from overseas, however in Claire’s entrepreneur experience with Sprooki, other countries such as Singapore do not have this problem: “Singapore is a tiny country with a very limited talent pool. We never had any issues bringing in talent from outside. The visa process there is very favourable to entrepreneurship.”

Skye Terza, Business Development Manager for Insights Retail pricing and promotional business intelligence platform at Invigor, was also present at the event said: “Invigor is focused on providing solutions for retailers and brands to be more competitive and CeBit was a great opportunity to really understand their challenges in more detail and, not only provide them technology and data-driven tools to succeed, but also help shape the new landscape in this digitised retail era”.

Skye CeBit









Image: Skye Terza

Invigor’s Solutions Director, Michael Stone, was also invited to speak at the IDC Intelligent Mobile Enterprise Conference in Melbourne yesterday. Michael talked about “Using Mobile Devices to Measure & Influence Consumer Purchase Journey” and how businesses can take advantage of ubiquitous mobile device ownership to measure and influence the consumer purchase journey in order to increase loyalty, reduce costs and drive profitable growth.

Michael Stone IDC

Image: Michael Stone

He also demonstrated a solution which leverages big data analysis, smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform large-scale venues including shopping centres, airports, sports stadiums, exhibition centres and hotels into Digital Precincts. The first successful implementation of this ground-breaking technology is Manly Wharf, one of Sydney’s most historic ferry terminals as well as Sydney Harbour’s premiere waterfront restaurant, shopping and entertainment destination. Invigor’s digital precinct solution drives increased retailer revenue while delivering tourists, day-trippers and local residents with high-speed carrier-class WiFi along with exclusive offers and discounts.

WiFi Analytics & Monetisation













Image: Michael Stone

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