Invigor Launches Drink@Home for Australia’s Independent Liquor Stores

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Leading data and analytics solutions company, Invigor Group Limited (ASX: IVO) (“Invigor” or “the Company”), announces the launch of Drink@Home, an end-to-end ecommerce solution for Australia’s independent liquor stores.

Drink@Home was designed by Invigor in consultation with Retail Drinks Australia (RDA) to assist the industry to overcome the current challenges faced by the industry, with the following objectives:

  • • Provides the stores with their own website
  • • Enables the stores to control the marketing of their products
  • • Secures cash flow by trading online
  • • Keeps staff employed as order fulfilment personnel or delivery drivers
  • • Moves inventory and retains market share
  • • Opens a whole new revenue channel

As a result of the challenges presented by Coronavirus (COVID-19) which represents a major threat to the liquor industry, the Independent Liquor Retailers, many of them family run stores, Drink@Home will enable stores to use their own website and trade online using a simple to implement cost effective platform.

Drink@Home builds upon the vast database of alcoholic beverages we maintain and for which we provide pricing insights to many of the Industry’s brands and retailers.

Invigor CEO, Gary Cohen said: “The launch of Drink@Home is another example of how the Company can add value to its customers and its partner RDA and its 250 plus members across Australia. We are very excited about the launch of Drink@Home because it leverages our existing know-how as well as our investment in providing valuable data insights to the industry. It is also pleasing that we can do something positive to help the industry during these uncertain times.

Approved and authorised for release by the Executive Chairman, Gary Cohen

For further information, please contact:

  •    Gary Cohen
  •    Executive Chairman
  •    +61 2 8251 9600

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