Invigor Group – Antidote to Amazon

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IVO Research Report

“Whilst some companies can invest millions to capture customer data, linking it to business outcomes like revenue and profit uplift is out of reach for many businesses.”

APP Securities released a Company Research Report  today which goes into how Invigor Group has grown into a leader in insights and loyalty solutions for the retail industry and can effectively help retailers, brands, shopping centres and venues succeed in the Amazon era.

According to CEO Gary Cohen, retailers still have time to stay ahead of the game.

“We are really a company that designs solutions to empower businesses and brands to make revenue based on the digital, physical and transaction data turned into actionable insights to maximise their opportunities to promote to the right customer, make sure it’s at the right price and then give them the right information and tools to increase profits and revenue.”

To read the Research Report, click here or go to our Investor page for more information.