Invigor Empowers Aussie Hi Fi in Race to the Top

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We focus on innovation and technology to help retailers and brands become more data-driven in today’s extremely competitive retail environment.

We’ve been working with several customers on moving from historical and real-time data analytics to predicting future outcomes and understanding how best to influence them using the latest in AI.

We have recently moved our SpotLite & Shopper Insights products onto Microsoft Azure in order to make the most of the machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence capabilities so we can better deliver insights that will help customers increase sales, value and margin.

Microsoft has just published a joint Case Study around the benefits that our products combined with their Microsoft Azure cloud solution bring to retailers.

Claire Mula, COO at Invigor, says:

We continue to make significant investments in data and machine learning models that help us to not only understand whats happened or is happening in real-time but what may happen in the future, and what our clients need to do to make it happen.

One of Australia’s first audio visual specialist retailers, Aussie Hi Fi, is one of the customer’s leading the digital transformation and benefiting from our competitive pricing and promotional intelligence. Casey Jones, ecommerce and marketing manage, says:

“We hadn’t been able to tell if we were the cheapest, or by how much. Preserving profit margin is as important as being competitive.”

Camila Lima, Marketing Director at Invigor, explains that we’re trying to take our customers on a journey that starts with understanding competitor pricing and promotional strategies and ends with more profitable growth strategies. Lima says:

Knowing how influential competitive behaviour is on sales, we want them to shift to more automated, intelligent ways of making price or promotional decisions, rather than just reacting to price drops. Its really shifting from repricing to building pricing models using artificial intelligence.

They have seen incredible uplift from the competitor monitoring and pricing optimisation and now are ready to engage with their customers in a way that will allow them to become more informed and make a decision based on what’s more valuable to them. Jones explains:

Ideally, we want customers to see real-time price comparisons whether that’s in-store or on the website which frees them up to take into account quality and functionality, which are also important considerations when it comes to value for money.

Ultimately, SpotLite has made a difference to their business and it’s paramount to continuing being successful in such a competitive retail landscape. Jones states:

Since we flicked the switch on SpotLite its been absolutely incredible. AI will just allow us to do this even better.

The Case Study was published on the Microsoft News Centre and you can read it in full here.