How To Navigate Data-Driven Solutions – Interview with Michael Stone

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Shopper Insights Analytics for Retail

The concept of data-driven solutions driving business to make better, more informed decisions is undeniable and becoming increasingly necessary. The Big Smoke interviewed Michael Stone, Director of Products at Invigor Group, for their “Meet an Influencer” series to understand the challenges companies face in implementing actionable insights and innovative data solutions.

Who Can Give C-Levels Clear Solutions to the Complexities Faced?

C-level executives can find themselves trying to understand how to navigate the world of data analytics and actionable insights without knowing exactly how its implementation (or lack of it) can directly affect operations, who they should partner with to ensure best practices and also how to action these insights they will now be presented with.

Our Director of Products, Michael Stone, says:

“We are still at the early stages of becoming data and analytics driven businesses. For many companies, analytics is about gathering all of its data into one place and then building reports and dashboards. Unfortunately, this still relies on individuals remembering their login details, finding time to look, interpret and make decisions on the basis of those charts, executing those decisions based on what is more important for the company.

This is a great first step but at Invigor, our focus is delivering the ‘so what’ as well as automating the application of it into business processes and operations.”

Michael Stone

Image: Michael Stone, Director of Products

How We Can Help Our Clients Beyond Point Solutions

We have modules that can help businesses address their specific needs, such as WiFi Analytics, Shopper Engagement tools, Campaign Automation, Shopper Segmentation and Personas, Competitive Pricing and Promotional Intelligence (even a self-serve global price tracking solution) and also Predictive Recommendations. According to Michael Stone:

“The real value arrives when using these platforms in conjunction with the client’s own data sets, and then applying insights and recommendations directly to the business, its operations, and its customers.”

It’s Time to Become Data-Centric

At Invigor, we go beyond point solutions. We focus on business outcomes and deliver actionable insights to really move the needle in terms of productivity increase, sales uplift and long-term shopper loyalty. TBS says about Invigor:

“Working in partnership with Invigor Group puts brands and retailers in a strong position to compete successfully while also equipping them to respond to customer needs in real time. This knowledge and data links to long-term commercial outcomes and provides the efficient and personalised digital solutions for retailers and brands that provide a critical edge over the competition.”

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