Crescent Mall first to Launch Sprooki Mobile Engagement and Beacons in Vietnam

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  • First mall to launch Sprooki’s mobile engagement platform and beacons in Vietnam.
  • Sprooki’s platform underpins Crescent Mall’s mobile-first shopper loyalty program.
  • First to launch highly targeted beacon-based messaging in 135+ retailers and zones inside the mall.

Asia’s leading mobile engagement platform and Phu My Hung Development Corp, a Vietnamese infrastructure developer of the New City Center, are delighted to announce the successful launch of the Crescent Mall’s “mobile-first” loyalty program which uses the latest in mobile engagement and beacon-based messaging for shoppers of Ho Chi Minh
City’s most iconic shopping mall.

Regarded as the country’s first international standard shopping centre and managed by Savilles, Crescent Mall is the first mall in Vietnam to launch Sprooki’s mobile engagement and beacon-based messaging to connect
with shoppers in more relevant ways when they are inside the mall and tenant’s stores.

Crescent Shopping Mall Mobile EngagementSprooki’s location-based mobile engagement platform has been rolled out to over 135+ retail stores and food outlets, including international brands such as Marks & Spencer, Calvin Klein, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Coffee Bean, Pizza Hut and Giant supermarket group.

Sprooki’s comprehensive Mobile Engagement Platform Crescent Mall retailers have multiple touchpoints including mobile range of possibilities to connect with their customers. This is the perfect tool to better engage connected shoppers through localised, personalised and efficient campaigns.

In only 5 months Crescent Mall has obtained an extraordinary response from its shoppers. With more than 140,000 campaign and product offer views resulting in a response rate of 9%, a significantly higher response versus other channels like emails or Facebook ads. The shopping experience offered marks the difference between Crescent Mall and its competitors. Thanks to this innovative technology, Crescent Mall shoppers experiences a unique and personalized way of shopping, receiving retail stores content at the most relevant moment in their shopping journey.

According to Crescent Mall’s Deputy General Manager, Charlie Oh: “We reckoned O2O (online to offline) was rapidly growing worldwide, and by partnering with Sprooki, Crescent Mall became the very first shopping mall in Vietnam to adopt and realize this trend. Sprooki was the best choice for us to partner with as their expertise has guided us to progress in connecting both physical and digital. We can now learn more insights on customer behaviors and their preference using this technology. It’s a more personalized touchpoint to our customers.”  

Crescent Mall’s Mobile Engagement Platform makes a step forward in promotional, sales and marketing strategies for shopping centers providing analytics tools and beacon-based messaging to measure the success in driving customer footfall, store visit frequency, loyalty and sales conversion.

Claire Mula, Executive Director and Co-founder of Sprooki stated: “Crescent Mall represents the vanguard of Vietnam’s retail sector. As a progressive mall in a high-growth retail market, it is well positioned to benefit from Sprooki’s technology, to engage shoppers in more relevant, mobile first ways, staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving retail market”.

Both the campaign management modules and consumer Apps are available in dual-language (VietnameseEnglish).

Download the Crescent Mall Application, at Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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