Combine the best of mobile shopping and data analytics to grow your business

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Mobile ShoppingRetail Technology Asia 2016 – April 20th. 12,00 h. (Singapore)

Michael Gethen, Sprooki, Founder and Managing Director: In today’s world all shoppers are connected somehow to digital platforms. The way we interact with them is essential to add value to our services. Understanding the right timing to deliver our message is one of the most essential stages in the buyers’ journey.

It’s not enough to advertise our products/services on digital platforms, as connected shoppers are already saturated with advertisement in all formats. Indeed, most of the time consumers receive massive ad impacts, not relevant for them or their likes.

This is the reason why Retailers have to think further and act further. Data is a powerful tool if we know how to use it. It helps us to understand the behavior of our current clients and potential customers, but…

What is the magic formula to combine Mobile shopping and Data analytics to get an effective strategy in terms of sales?

This is what we are going to talk about at or Roundtable in the RETAIL TECHNOLOGY ASIA 2016…Hope to see you there!

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