AsiaMalls updates its Loyalty Program with Sprooki Rewards™

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This platform responds to the impulsive, “real-time” nature of today’s connected shoppers.

One of the first card-less loyalty programs in Singapore to be anchored on digital platforms.

Malls and tenants move towards more data-driven strategies and shopper engagement.

Sprooki AsiaMalls

AsiaMalls Management Pte Ltd, property manager of Singapore’s best-loved malls and Sprooki Pte Ltd, Asia’s leading engagement and commerce platform today announced the successful launch of AMperkz: A “mobile-first” rewards platform for today’s connected shoppers.

The new card-less loyalty program enables AsiaMalls to offer to its shoppers a unique “virtual” mobile loyalty card. It’s able to provide a greater impetus to join and participate in AMperkz program “on the spot”, using the data to communicate and engage with those customers when they are most open to responding – when they are in or near one of our malls. This module increase the program participation and reduce churn by making it more accessible and relevant to today’s connected shoppers.

AMperkz is one of the first card-less loyalty programs in Singapore to be anchored on digital platforms such as the AsiaMalls mobile application and a responsive website. This trend is increasingly being viewed across malls and shopping centres worldwide as they move towards more data-driven methods of measurement and shopper engagement.

“In today’s busy world, participation in loyalty and rewards programs can be a real challenge. Our goal was to drive frequency and loyalty by making it simple, relevant and convenient for more of our shoppers to participate. Thanks to the AMperkz our campaign views increased 261%.” Lisa Lim, Marketing Director, AsiaMalls

AMperkz has been rolled-out across all six malls over the past 3 months, including Century Square, Hougang Mall, Liang Court, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Tampines 1 and White Sands.


Thanks to the AMperkz program, AsiaMalls will be able to analyse data that goes beyond static profile information to drive shoppers’ frequency and loyalty to their favourite stores (personalised and location-based rewards, balance updates, exclusive member invites and offers). The AMperkz program is anchored around “mobile-first” touchpoint and contextual data. This allows AsiaMalls to incorporate situational and contextual data, as well as purchase, profile and preference data.

This level of personalisation and relevance can be delivered thanks to the Sprooki’s Engagement platform and SprookiRewards™ module, which is specifically designed for connected shoppers who research and purchase through both traditional and online channels.

“The AMperkz has been very well received by shoppers. As an example, number of AMperkz’s downloads during first 3 months tested equaled the total downloads of the previous 12 months. This clearly demonstrates an increase in customer’s engagement and an appetite from customers to be rewarded – and to use those rewards for future purchases”; stated Claire Mula, Executive Director and Co-founder of Sprooki, and added: “Our Rewards module transforms the traditional retail loyalty program by allowing mobile users to go card-less. Our clients benefit from more contextual data capture, personal and relevant interactions with members and improvements in frequency and spend among shoppers.

In addition, the platform opens up the program to tenants and provides retailers with the ability to create sophisticated campaigns in real-time to better engage with the malls’ rewards members. Sprooki’s analytics tools allow tenants to measure their campaign success in driving customer footfall, store visit frequency, loyalty and sales conversion.

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