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Invigor is a leading data analytics, insights and loyalty company with customers across APAC, Europe and Australia.
Our mission is to provide to our clients with the latest retail solutions to effectively engage with their customers while increasing loyalty, customer acquisition and sales

Invigor meets today’s retail challenges in the new digital era providing the most innovative data intelligence solutions

Smart & Personalised Engagement

Today’s consumer expects more from the retailers and brands they buy from. They have to be engaged in more intelligent and relevant ways. Consumer’s interactions with brands and retailers are now multi-channel, conversational and in real time.
Enhance your loyalty with our Loyalty & Rewards solution.


WeChat Advertising & Payments

Invigor, as Tencent and WeChat exclusive partner for several countries in Asia, enables your business with a seamless shopping experience with WeChat, offering the most competitive services in the market. Engage new customers and drive foot-fall to your stores with WeChat Advertising and increase sales and transactions through WeChat Pay.


Data Intelligence & insights

Invigor enables retailers and brands to collect and analyse consumers’ data to optimise operations, predict consumers behaviours and increase sales, thanks to our Data Insights and Intelligence solutions.


Analytics & Predictive Analytics

Retailers have the possibility to access to multiple data sets so they understand their customers and their shopping journey (from awareness to purchase). Invigor Analytics & Insights solutions integrate Machine Learning to predict your customer behaviours and identify best moments and best content to engage your shoppers.


Competitive pricing & Promotional Intelligence

Today’s consumers are ‘super informed’. Customers walk through the door knowing exactly how much they should pay for your products. Monitoring your competitor prices in real-time (online & offline) gives you a huge advantage to define your promotions and develop a winning price strategy. Explore our Competitive pricing and Promotional intelligence Solution.



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    Business Outcomes

    We focus on our client's business outcomes

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    Profitable Growth

    We take a strategic view to deliver our clients profitable growth

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    Measurable Return

    Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable return

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    Data Sets

    Our data sets allow better understanding of competitors & consumers

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    Our Technology

    Our Technology provide actionable insights to improves retail operations
    and deliver higher frequency and sales conversion

Our Team

We are passionate, dedicated digital people with a unique combination of deep experience in consumer and retail, technolgy and marketing