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Insights Visitor Analytics

Insights Visitor Analytics empowers decision makers and operators to obtain maximum return on investment for their space by generating higher rental, adding value for tenants, increasing consumer spend, maximising car park revenue and increasing advertising revenues.

The Visitor Analytics platform utilises (among other data sources) a unique and frictionless Wi-Fi user sign up which, unlike any other such service, respects the visitor’s privacy. This allows our clients to gather the most holistic overview of their visitors possible, including demographic, psychographic, movement, behaviour and engagement, among others. The Wi-Fi feed presents opportunities to communicate and engage with shoppers based on their location and behaviour and present offers relevant to their likes and habits. The platform also identifies shoppers running comparisons online whilst in store and provides retailers with the opportunity to intercept these shoppers before they leak out of store

Our proprietary technology is completely scalable and can be applied to a wide variety of retail and public spaces. For more information, visit the Insights Website.

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