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28 April 2015 Invigor-ating Data

Invigor have developed algorithms that scan the web and return information on products that is then processed in real time…. Read more


30 March 2015 Invigor uses Big Data to slice prices for consumers

Data analtyics group, Invigor, is using Big Data to slice and dice prices for consumers with its new real-time price comparison browser plug-in, Shopping Ninja… Read more


30 March 2015 Retail price comparison site to be unveiled by Gary Cohen’s Invigor

Invigor Group, an ASX-listed data analytics group of which Mr Cohen is executive chairman, will unveil today its Shopping Ninja tool that will house the prices of 100,000 products across… Read more


9 January 2015 Invigor obtains rights to key stake in Piksel Inc

Invigor Group Limited advises that it has the right to obtain c7% of the issued shares of Piksel Inc (“Piksel”). Piksel is the reorganised incorporation of Kit Digital Inc which filed for chapter… Read more


13 August 2014 Five ASX-listed tech companies you should know

Invigor is an Australian digital solutions provider and IT investment house with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Chennai, India. The company deals in big data projects… Read more



22 July 2014 Invigor taps into BI market with acquisition

ASX-listed information technology and digital solutions firm, Invigor Group, has forecasted that its potential acquisitions will have a “transformative effect” on the company… Read more


21 July 2014 Cohen’s Invigor Group nears profit following acquisition

After announcing the latest in a spate of acquisitions Invigor Group, the ASX-listed vehicle set up by well known local tech entrepreneur Gary Cohen to invest in data insight businesses… Read more


15 July 2014 Invigor splashes $4.5m on Menulog and GetPrice backers

ASX-listed solutions provider Invigor Group has recruited the experts behind web successes Menulog and GetPrice through a $4.5 million takeover of their company, while also… Read more