Intellectual Property

Invigor’s Experts Talk Trends & Insights in Australian Retail & Intelligent Mobile Events

At Invigor Group, we’re focused on business outcomes with a strategic view of investments in technology and data. We live & breathe innovation. You’ll often find our team of experts speaking at events world-wide, whether it’s retail industry events, partner conferences or innovation panels, touching on trends, the future of insights and actionable data, and how

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5 Hacks to Monitor What Your Competitors Are Doing Online

Almost all businesses have competition. Even if your idea is super-unique, crazy hard or pretty mysterious like the Antarctica’s Blood Falls, you are not immune to competition. Someone will follow your lead and try to beat you at your own game. The point is, your business is like a battle-ground. You need to know who

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We’re pleased to announce that Invigor Group is acquiring the award-winning shopper engagement and commerce platform Sprooki Pte Ltd. The retail industry is seeking to transform in order to grow profitably and remain competitive against new entrants such as Amazon. The acquisition of Sprooki is a game changing addition to Invigor that solidifies its position

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