Invigor Group Limited (ASX:IVO) has established itself as a leading data analytics and business intelligence group with a growing presence in business‑to‑business (B2B) and business‑to‑consumer (B2C) markets.

Data is fundamental to the growth and competitiveness of businesses today. It has become a key ingredient to the decision-making process and investment decisions for a large number of organisations across multiple sectors, both public and private. We collect, aggregate, analyse and deploy this data and we push real revenue-generating opportunities to users every day. We don’t just deliver data to our customers, but do a strategic analysis of the data to provide precise recommendations which can have a large impact on a businesses’ bottom line.

Invigor is all about unlocking the value of data so private or public enterprises and consumers can have that competitive edge.



We work with you to identify what you’re trying to achieve. Invigor Group do not just build IT, we solve business problems



Our experience makes us unique. We’ll demonstrate to you what will solve the problem, and why



We deliver results. Period. With top tier clients and awards to our name, you know you’re in safe hands